Sessions from Electric Kite Studio

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The Grayces

The Nashville rock trio The Grayces will be releasing their new album Westing in 2014. The Grayces are Iz Stone – vocal/guitar, Patrick Ward – bass/bgv and Chas Cantrell – drums/bgv. You can learn more at:   For the ancient Egyptians, death was not a final nail in the coffin of one’s life. In fact, Egyptians had no use… Read more →

Young Hines

Young Hines knows the 750 miles of highway that stretch between Chicago and his home town of Griffin, Georgia, well. He’s driven through the endless miles of wind turbines in Indiana, passed the 20’ tall plastic t-rex beckoning him to Dinosaur World in Kentucky and pressed on past the countless advertisements for fresh peaches and peanuts in Georgia. He’s traveled… Read more →

Blackfoot Gypsies

Blackfoot Gypsies’ singer Matthew Paige wants to take you on all expenses paid, sonic vacation. He wants to give you something you’re never going to forget and then write you a little note to remember the trip by, just in case. “When people hear us play,” said Paige, “I want them to walk away with a postcard in their brain.… Read more →

Promised Land Sound

When Peter Stringer-Hye decided to join Promised Land Sound on rhythm guitar, it wasn’t the fact that he’d been friends with most of the band members for years, that they had opened for both Wilco and the Drive-By Truckers or that they’d done a live 7” for Third Man Records just a month and a half into the band’s existence… Read more →