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The Grayces

The Nashville rock trio The Grayces will be releasing their new album Westing in 2014. The Grayces are Iz Stone – vocal/guitar, Patrick Ward – bass/bgv and Chas Cantrell – drums/bgv. You can learn more at:   For the ancient Egyptians, death was not a final nail in the… Read more →

Young Hines

Young Hines knows the 750 miles of highway that stretch between Chicago and his home town of Griffin, Georgia, well.… Read more →

Blackfoot Gypsies

Blackfoot Gypsies’ singer Matthew Paige wants to take you on all expenses paid, sonic vacation. He wants to give you… Read more →

Promised Land Sound

When Peter Stringer-Hye decided to join Promised Land Sound on rhythm guitar, it wasn’t the fact that he’d been friends… Read more →

Diamond Carter

“Every town needs a mad hatter to point at,” said Tyler Tuohy, front man of Diamond Carter, as he reflected… Read more →

Music Band

It took a full three years of friendship and living as roommates before Harry Kagan, Duncan Shea and Lee Putney… Read more →